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TIG Torch Cooling System

Model: TTT580

Manufacturer Model No.: TIGER-115


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  • Size: 12"L X 14"W X 9"H
  • Style: Direct drive power system
  • Reservoir capacity: 2 Gallons
  • Plastic water tank eliminates coolant contamination due to electrolysis or chemical reactions;
  • All units are plumbed with copper tubing and reinforced hose;
  • Extended life pump features a direct drive power system reducing maintenance and vibration;
  • No external plumbing is required because of closed loop water system;
  • Self-priming and easy-change pump;
  • Strong rigid construction designed to support power unit;
  • Compact design;
  • Designed for TIG torches and MIG guns up to 300 amps;
  • Defense coolant anti-freeze and pump lubricant is recommended for all Dynaflux cooling systems