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Viscosity Cups

Model: HB787

Manufacturer Model No.: VI-2101


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  • Cup No.: 1
  • Determine the flow time of paints, coatings, enamels, oils and other similar liquids
  • Conically shaped steel cup delivers 44 cc's of liquid sample through a precision orifice
  • Twelve-inch looped stainless steel handle allows the cup to be dipped by hand into a liquid container
  • Stainless steel split key ring at top of handle for aligning cup in a true vertical position when conducting tests
  • Cup No. 1: Generally used for very thin mixtures where low solids application is desired
  • Cup No. 2: Primarily used for all mixed paints which have been reduced with solvent for application. Used by the automotive and similar industries
  • Cup No. 3/Cup No. 4: Used for higher solids application where extra heavy films are desired
  • Cup No. 5: Generally used for checking the viscosity of unthinned paints prior to reduction with solvent