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WD1002 Digital Silver Series Soldering Stations

Model: TTU437

Manufacturer Model No.: WD1002N


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  • Features a powerful 95-watt soldering iron that is ideal in the most demanding soldering applications including high volume production soldering or high mass soldering and especially lead free soldering
  • Fast temperature recovery allows to safely and efficiently solder lead free components and greatly contribute to increased productivity in traditional lead based soldering applications
  • Base station features three user programmable "radio buttons" that allow to instantly switch to another temperature
  • LCD screen gives the operator all important information at a glance providing an extensive user friendly menu for the operator to custom set the station to his own needs
  • Programmable features include set back temperature to conserve tip life, auto shut off, temperature lockout, switching between degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius and more
  • A comfortable four-position ergonomic iron stand allows you to store three optional tips for different soldering applications
  • Iron comes with the TEF746 chisel tip (0.063")
  • Additional tips available